While we specialize in creating wonderful, fun yet unapologetically unscented soap, we do understand that some folks enjoy a bit of natural scent! 
Only 100% pure essential oils from a reputable supplier are ever used to add any fragrance to our soaps.  Artificial lab-created fragrance oils will never be used. 
We just don't feel comfortable putting questionable ingredients in our products.
There is much debate in the soaping world in regards to the therapeutic properties of essential oils surviving the saponification process.  As you can imagine, there's not much scientific research in the area.  Our thoughts are … if you find the essential oil blend enjoyable and feel that it enhances your bathing or hand-washing experience, that's all that really matters in the end!  
We do cure our soaps properly around here and so some fragrance does fade.  Typically, the essential oil aroma is the most robust when warm water is applied!
With all of our soaps … they will last the longest for you when you treat them kindly and keep them high and dry between uses!