We have tested and tested more recipes for facial skin soap bars than pretty well anything else!  You will notice that this collection has a very distinct lack of said facial soap bars!  That said, we've heard back from MANY folks that LOVE using our soap on their face.  Everyone's skin is different and you may find that as well!  

What we have discovered in our travels and what we find to be a wonderfully simple and beautifully effective solution for facial skin care is the CLEANSING GRAIN/CLAY MASK combo!  

Formulated with oats, milks, grains, clays, herbs and botanicals and using wisdom collected from traditional herbalism from around the world.  

It works like this: 

For a daily clean:  Add a teaspoon to your cupped hand a few drops of water for a refreshing mild exfoliation and clean!  

For the weekly or semi-weekly mask:  A couple teaspoons mixed with dealer's choice of everything from green tea to honey to plain yogurt to mashed avocado … avoid your eyes and nose holes of course … and then let the mask work it's magic for 5-10 minutes!  Best to rinse with warm water once it's started drying but not fully dry!