calendula castile olive oil soap

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Limited edition of this special soap!  More will be not be available until Christmas 2022!

Bring us all the folks that still get dry, itchy skin no matter what kind of soap they've tried!  We feel for you … and Mike is one of your people!  This is the soap for you!!  ALL THE LOVELY CALENDULA - brewed as a tea, infused in the oil and sprinkled in the molds. 

Packaged in a reusable organic cotton muslin bag as it’s impossible to find a soap box in this shape

Entire Ingredient List:  Saponified Olive Oil & Organic Calendula Flowers

This bar sits on the curing racks for an entire year to be at its’ best!  Very gentle with a lotion-like lather.  Recommended for anyone with delicate or compromised skin.   Calendula is known as a skin healing superstar in the herbal world! 

*All soap bars are individually poured and will always vary slightly in appearance but not in ingredients!  This Castile bar will last and last when kept dry between uses! 

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