the little box of some big self-care

the little box of some big self-care

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The green boxes are back again this year!  But now they're better than ever as we have scrubs for all the shower people out there!  :)

For each box, please choose: 

1. A SOAP:  any of our regular oval soaps

2. A BATH SOAK OR  A SUGAR SCRUB: five/six varieties of each to choose from, something for everyone!

Soaks:  Rise (floral citrus), Breathe (eucalyptus pine), Escape (lavender mint), Nourish (oat unscented), Rest (chamomile lavender), Recover (marjoram + juniper)

Scrubs: Neroli Rose, Lemon Tangerine, Vanilla Mocha, Dead Sea Mud or Fresh Mint

3. BUTTER:  Juicy (sweet orange), Buttercream (cocoa + vanilla), Escape (lavender mint), Breathe (Rosemary mint), Rest (chamomile lavender), Nourish (Oat + shea), Silent Night (cypress + frankincense)

All wrapped up in this cute gable box with the grossgrain ribbon, ready to go! 

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