french clay mask

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Now Includes a super-cute little wooden spoon! One scoop for a quick face wash and 2-3 scoops mixed with water or your fave liquid for a mask! 

This is the middle sister and works well with all skin types.  GREEN TEA EXTRACT, rich in antioxidants and reputed to help with everything from blackheads to fine lines, is such a star ingredient!

The main clay is the French Green Clay which is more drawing than the Pink Clay (Rose) and less than the Bentonite & Canadian Glacial (Coal) if that helps explain it any better!   

As with all of these, OATS are the second ingredient and number one in my heart!  I've yet to meet a face, skin type, skin issue that was not improved by the humble but, oh so mighty OAT! 

This one borrows from the east a bit with an Ayurvedic trio of garbonzo bean flour, rice powder and green tea extract!  And the main exfoliation comes from house-ground organic calendula petals!  

Ingredients:  French Green Clay, Colloidal Oats, Kaolin Clay, Rice Powder,  Garbonzo Bean Flour, Green Tea Extract, Matcha, Ground Calendula Flowers

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